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Light of Christ Lutheran Church in Turlock, CA

Pastor's Thoughts for February 2010

Pastor Sylvia

Each month our pastor writes to us from our Turlock church to share her thoughts on a topic of religious significance. Her goal is to link the word of God as it is presented in the Bible and apply it to the context of our daily lives. Although each of these messages is dated they are in fact timeless in their spiritual significance.

Getting Started

Iím so excited about getting started as your pastor starting on Monday, February 1. I have been busy making arrangements for my move to Turlock and to my amazement I have been able to find a place to live only two and half miles from the church. I will be moving some of my items on Sunday, January 31 and making plans to move the rest of my processions out of storage via a moving truck on Saturday, February 13. My family and friends will be assisting me in loading the truck and I will be seeking help to unload the moving truck when it arrives in the afternoon on the 13th.

As I am settling in, I will be preparing for Lent which will begin with Ash Wednesday Worship Service on February 17. With Lent worship services starting the week after. We will begin Lenten Drama, ďThe People Vs Judas IscariotĒ each Wednesday with a soup supper. If you havenít made Lenten Services as part of your Lenten Journey, I encourage you to either be part of the Lenten Drama or be part of the jury. This drama series is a modern day courtroom drama depicting the punishment phase of Judas Iscariot. The witnesses are summoned from the past, and the congregation is the jury. Judas has already pled guilty to a crime against Jesus. Now the questions are: ďIs anything serious enough to merit Godís abandonment? Should Judas receive mercy or eternal punishment?Ē Come & Be a Part of the Jury & the Final Verdict. Invite a friend.

In addition to the start of the season of Lent, my installation service has been set for Sunday, February 21 at 3:00 p.m., so it will be a full schedule for February.

I know the congregation is experiencing grief with the loss of Cassandra in addition to saying goodbye to your interim pastor, Pastor Starkey and his wife. My prayers and thoughts are with you. If you need listening ear, know that I am available to meet with you. Iím in the process making the arrangement for a phone to be installed at my new home, so in the meantime you can call the church office for an appointment. As soon as I get settle in, I will be establishing my office hours.

On a personal note, you will be meeting some of my family at my installation. My parents, Russ (retired pastor) and Norma (retired social worker) live in Paso Robles. I have four blood brothers. My oldest brother, Dave lives in Minnesota. I have two brothers, Mike and Brian, who live in Castro Valley and one brother, Matthew, who lives in Paso Robles. I also have three nephews and a niece and four foster brothers, one who has passed away. I have a mixed boxer named Macey, who is a great companion to me. In my spare time, I enjoy walking my dog, doing jigsaw puzzles, photography, and art work.

I am looking forward to getting to know each one of you and working with you to let the light of Christ shine in the Turlock community.


Pastor Slvia