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Pastor's Thoughts for November 2009


Each month our pastor writes to us from our Turlock church to share his thoughts on a topic of religious significance. His goal is to link the word of God as it is presented in the Bible and apply it to the context of our daily lives. Although each of these messages is dated they are in fact timeless in their spiritual significance.

A Time To Give Thanks

Thanksgiving Day was not appointed by the church. Thanksgiving Day is not an American day in origin either. The harvest was celebrated in Europe, and services of gratitude are ancient in world religions as well. The purpose of our National Thanksgiving Day is to give thanks to Almighty God for His many blessings and mercies to us as a nation, and as a people.

It was George Washington who proclaimed Thanksgiving as a National Holiday Nov. 26, 1789 and made the first Presidential Proclamation suggesting we should all include thanks to God for the adoption of The Constitution. And it was Abraham Lincoln in 1863 who set the last Thursday in November as the day. While Thanksgiving Day has lost most of its overtones of a harvest festival, it has been proclaimed by the President each year for the purpose of a day of general thanksgiving for God's blessing to our nation. Whatever the reason and whatever the time that is set, it is good that our government still proclaims such a day in recognition of God's providence. That, in itself, is worth giving thanks for in these days, is it not? Let's pray that our President will not fail to do so again this year. (He did intentionally drop declaring a World Day of Prayer this year.)

The word “thank” is the old form of the past tense of the verb “think”. Giving thinks is giving thanks. Take that one step more and you can realize that the result of thinking thanking will be thanksliving. Need I say more? Be sure you thank God for His many blessings every day!

-Pastor Starkey